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vid and fic recs! [Jul. 6th, 2004|08:35 am]
Slighty Sane Community

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been meaning to do this for AGES, but procrastinating me just got around to it. what can i say? i celebrate Valentine's Day in August.

United States of Spike - RealOne format. Spike kicking ass, Spike smoking, Spike kicking more ass....Spike being Spike. funny as all hell.

The Song of the Count - the funniest Spuffy vid EVER. watched this damn thing about a hundred times the first day i got it, and it still makes me laugh my ass off. "OnetwothreefourONETWOTHREEFOUR!!"

Whatever - the oh-so-gay Angel version of United States of Spike. go. like, now.

on the same page: Cowboy - Angel being as much of a badass as he can be. good stuff. "'Cause I wanna be a cow-boy, bay-bee!"

Your Woman - THE Spangel vid. made by Charmax, this work of art is a Spangelfic writer's fondest dreams put into motion. the perfect song, the perfect clips, meticulously edited together to make a vid that tells a story. and WHAT a story it is! go get it - it's at the bottom of the page.

Slow Chemical - it's under "award-winning vids", and after seeing this vid, you'll understand why. the hottest Spuffy vid i've ever seen...and i've seen a LOT.

evilmaniclaugh's vids - all Spangel. Moonlight Serenade will have you laughing till you wet yourself; Stars Come Down is a wonderful, wistful vid that tells a story...with some tastefully edited sex clips added; and Cold is an erotic 2x4 to the head - out-and-out m/m, Spangel fucking - beware: if you're not prepared for it, this vid can cause massive chin bruising from your jaw hitting the floor. wooooo. hot.


Spangel & Wm/Aus
Days of Our Unlives - funniest Spangel fic on the damn planet. 43 glorious chapters that will make you laugh so hard you'll wish you didn't have a bladder. fave moments: drunken strip Twister, the nativity, Angel's eggnog, the mall (both trips), Riverdance (oh holy GOD!!), and Jeffrey the reindeer. oh yeah - did i mention the sex is hotter'n fuck?

To Sire With Love - luscious Wm/Aus fic that's not as sappy as the title suggests. hothotHOT, and contains belt!kink right at the beginning! *cue Hallelujah chorus*

Two Parts of the Same - WIP, huge. long, involved story spanning four chapters, each one spanning 12 months - xmas to xmas. see Spike turn human! see Angel rent a snowmaker machine! see a genuine vampire mating ritual! see lots and lots of really really hot sex on the bed, the floor, the kitchen table, the roof of the Hyperion, and various other places in ways that may or may not involve jell-o. for those who hate badfic cliches, you might have to struggle through a few bits, but trust me, it'll win you over eventually.

Tea and Biscuits - this fic ROCKS. written in email format with the occasional narrative fic thrown in, this puppy is ENORMOUS and will probably take you 2 weeks to read all the way through. Angel doesn't come in until the beginning of Arc 2, but the narrative fic finale of Arc 2 will knock your socks off. it's the fic that made me a Spangel fan. a WIP, it gets updated every few months or so; the last update was in april. eventually contains a full-blown multi-commitment relationship involving Spike, Angel, Wes, Giles, and Ethan. good stuff if you don't mind Spiles...or just skip those parts, like i did. ;)

Spuffy recs tomorrow.

note: my kitty, Isis, just died an hour ago. i had her for 11 long wonderful years. send her some love and maybe she'll play a tune on her harp for you in Kitty Heaven.
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the best Spangel vid ever! [Jun. 6th, 2004|03:09 pm]
Slighty Sane Community

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[Current Music |Whitetown - Your Woman (yup, the vid)]

much love and kisses to salustra, who sent this to me.

99.9% of all the Spangel(us) vids out there are just montages of the two characters set to some cute music or something; this vid is a Spangel shipper's dream come true. set to the perfect song (Whitetown's Your Woman), and edited expertly and seamlessly.... it's like they filmed an entirely new episode just for Spangel fans. imagine all the best fanfics you ever read, in which Angelus sired William in that alleyway, and Spike and Angel shagged and fought and then shagged some more - and you've got this vid. go and get this. REALLY. the file size is pretty big (almost 15M) so if you have dialup, be prepared to wait.

it's worth it.

trust me.

Your Woman by Charmax

(it's the bottom one on the page.)
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